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First Concert is almost here!


Hey everyone! Our first concert is just 2 days away and boy are we excited! We are getting together for a sound check and rehearsal tonight. Boy, have we got some exciting things planned! But too bad ya’ll don’t know that! You don’t even know this website exists yet! ;-)

We are looking forward to seeing all of you on Friday night and making the big announcement! Make sure to bring your ears, cause we are going to be singing some tunes for ya!

20 Responses to First Concert is almost here!

  1. Marilyn Goad

    We are so thrilled for you Union Street! Looking forward to wonderful things happening for you as you move onward and upward. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!!

  2. Sam Shires

    Good luck, Ryan. We, your California friends, will be praying for you. Hope to see your group able to come out here someday.

    Sam and Shari Shires
    Frank and Donna Epperson

  3. Sandy Harbold

    Can’t wait to hear Union Street in concert. Please come to Lancaster, Pa. Looking forward to an album. Best wishes for a wonderful future.

  4. Henry Ball

    Good luck to you guys. I have always been a huge fan of southern gospel music and I look forward to seeing you guys in Georgia one of these days.

  5. David Mac

    Our family – far away quartet SGM fans – have followed Ryan since his debut with EHSS. We are pleased to see the USQ come to fruition, we hope the Lord blesses the ministry mightily.
    Looking forward to the debut CD and even more so the debut DVD. Soon.

  6. I love the name Union Street. I wish you all the best. Hope to see you all soon. Blessing

  7. Sharon Paxton

    I could not attend the concert last night due to Mom’s illness and a death in the family. I hope to see you soon. God bless you.

  8. Susan Bergen

    Hey Guys
    germany is waiting for you!!

  9. Emmaline Lalo

    Ryan and USQ: Want to wish y’all the BEST. I have missed you and Tim in EHSS. They seem to be doing fine. I like Canton Junction with Tim as their bass. I’m praying for both of you and your respective quartets…y’all sound good! Whenever y’all make it to AZ…I will be there so keep me posted!! LOL!! Take care. Be safe in your travels. >3 y’all. God bless.

  10. Phyllis Nelson

    Congratulations Union Street Quartet!! You guys are just wonderful. I am looking forward to your first CD release, and also a concert her in sunny Southern California(83 degrees here today). May God continue to bless and keep each one of you.

  11. Verlie Perich

    You guys have got great talent. Hope to see your group come to Red Deer, Alberta, Canada to perform at the Westerner in JULY 2012. it is a 3 day affair where southern gospel quartets perform for all of us fans. We have seen you on you tube. Now we need to see you in person. Any chance of seeing you come to Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. God Bless your ministry.

  12. Billy Krueger

    Can’t wait for Union Street to come to Paducah…you know people here love you, Ryan!

  13. Phillip McManus

    I hope to see you singing in Winston Salem, NC. Good luck!!

  14. ryan fan

    i am an ardent fan of RYAN THE GREAT from the land of INDIA!!! i wish and wish that you guys will somehow come here but it just seems impossible! Ernie is coming but at last ryan is not with him! hope to see you someday…….till then in dvd’s!!!!! good luck guys!
    praying for you
    Fans from India

  15. Barbara White

    Was excited to see about this new group. Praying for the best for you guys. Enjoyed Ryan with Signature Sound and been watching for Aaron to return to singing. Missed him too. Be watching for your schedule. We follow southern gospel quite a bit.

  16. Gary Corn

    We can hardly wait for them to do a dinner concert at the Hartville Kitchen in Ohio !!

  17. Hadassah

    Congratulations to Union Street! Can’t wait to hear you guys in person! Ryan, you have always been one of my favorite singers, absolutely love your voice! Best Wishes!

  18. Bill Harbour

    Heard you at Brazil, IN on the 20th, 2012. Very exciting sound. You gentlemen should go a long way and make it big. What a sound!

  19. Cathy Youngblood

    Hi Ryan and all the guys, was at the concert Saturday night in Acworth, GA. It was Fantastic. It was so nice to once again laugh with Roy and the group. Best of luck to all of you and hope you come again. Will see you at the Quartet Convention.

  20. Larry Osborne

    Just got the CD this week and it is AWESOME. I sure pray you guys come close to Columbus Ohio.

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