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Aaron McCune

Toby Hitchcock
Aaron McCune

Aaron McCune – Bass


Aaron McCune was born in the mountains of West Virginia. He grew up in a musical family.   “My dad always played in bluegrass and country bands back home.” Aaron says, “Every now and then they would let me on stage to sing with them. Usually a Flatt and Scruggs or a Merle Haggard song. That was the age I really got drawn into music, and I realized that’s all I wanted to do.”

When McCune’s voice changed at about the age of 14, he started singing bass. “My grandfather taught me the bass part. He could hear all parts and would teach them to me. I would try to just sing low all the time and he would get mad and tell me to sing the part.”

Aaron sang with some local quartets in the area until age 18 when The Anchormen from North Carolina called him after hearing a tape that Aaron’s cousin, Squire Parsons had given them.   He stayed there for a few years until taking a job singing at a theatre in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He evnetually joined Palmetto State Quartet from Nashville, and then Gold City. “I had a great time traveling full time, seeing the country, meeting people.” Aaron says. “But I just got burned out completely of the whole thing and wanted a regular life with a normal family. Then I got a call one day from Ryan, asking me if I’d like to sing a little bit with some friends, and the rest is history!” Aaron has a beautiful wife Ivy and two lovely children, Tyler, 9, and Remington Kate who is currently 2.

“Being with Ryan is a great thing.” He says. “One of the most important things to me is being with family. And this group agrees and supports that whole heartedly. I’ve been a big fan of everybody in the group.  Toby is one of the greatest singers I ever sang with, Ryan is one of the coolest people I know to be around and Andrew makes me look good.”

Aaron’s achievements include being nominated for a Dove Award, being nominated for Singing News Fan Awards several times and favorite bass four times. He has been honored by Govenor Fletcher of Kentucky and has sang on five #1 songs on the charts.   Aaron has backed up Willie Nelson and Wynonna Judd. And Aaron is actually in the Alabama Music Hall of Fame.

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